JAVA Web Development

Java J2EE – Java platform enterprise edition works for the extended enterprise level features and custom software application development to the great extent. Working with one of the most secure languages is what you feel with the Java. And we do provide such software application development services.

Java J2EE development is the highly portable language. It is used to conduct hardware specific or operating system platforms. In general, Java comes into 4 different versions such as J2SE, J2ME, Java card and the Java J2EE. This one is specifically made for the enterprise application development.

We are specialized in developing the applications for  Java supported devices. It can be mobile applications, desktop applications or web applications. TechUnido Software Solutions considers developing its niche for various Java J2EE customized app development such as…

JAVA Web Development

Web Applications:
We provide all the customizing solutions in java based web platforms using the J2EE services. We have deployed java based solutions for various enterprises.

Mobile App Development:
For the mobile application development, there are immense scopes of developing apps for the Java-based platforms. It includes game development, social networks, multimedia applications and more.

Desktop Applications:
Desktop applications play the major role in all the technologies. Especially Java serves as the best alternative to choose for the desktop application development. Our experienced Java developers are having a niche for providing cost-effective desktop apps along with the utmost quality factors.