Hire Magento Developers

Catering to a large client base spread across the globe, TechUnido is among the pioneer companies, which has identified and successfully implemented Magento 2.0 for its clients. Magento has become the most used eCommerce platform, and at TechUnido, we have perfectly customized the advantages offered by the platform for the advantage of your eCommerce store. Let us help you to Fulfill your eCommerce business goals with our experience and domain expertise.


Our Magento Developer Expertise

Magento Theme Development
Our Magento experts help you to make customized themes for your business. We provide Angular js based Magento themes, custom Magento theme design from Sketch, Illustrator and PSD designs, mobile responsive Magento themes, etc.
Magento Extensions Development
Our expert Magento developers will help craft the perfect Magento extensions, which will help increase your brand appeal. We help to fix bugs in existing extensions, create customized Magento extensions for your business and customizing and configuring paid Magento extensions.
3rd Party Magento Integrations
Magento helps to bond perfectly with third-party integrations including shipping gateways, payment gateways, inventory management, supplier, etc. Our Magento eCommerce developers help you to integrate Magento v1/v2 with eCommerce players like Amazon and eBay. It also helps integrate with custom software supporting SOAP and REST-based integrations.
Upgrade from Magento 1X to Magento 2X
The new Magento 2.0 version comes with better features, higher security. We help you upgrade your existing Magento store by upgrading the core of Magento. Our Magento developers also help you to update the plugin and theme versions and install the necessary security patches.

Why Hire our Developers



With globally certified and satisfied clients, TechUnido, brings out the best, helping you to create a unique eCommerce website using Magneto 2. Associating with us assures a dedicated team, working solely on your project. Our highly qualified developers and communication specialists will continue to add value to your project completing all tasks speedily, and to perfection. We help build the perfect user-friendly Magento store, for your continued success.