Why American apparel players in increasingly choosing Oracle ATG Commerce for their eCommerce needs?

The Oracle ATG Web Commerce is a popular eCommerce software, in use by major companies around the globe. The American apparels players are also increasingly opting for Oracle ATG for their eCommerce solutions.

The Oracle ATG Commerce solutions enable hassle-free management of the sales channels, customizes the marketing campaigns, facilitates the launch of new websites, and co-ordinates the brand’s presence and awareness on various social media network channels. Oracle ATG Commerce solutions are highly scalable and flexible. It has an innovative component which can be personalized as per the needs of the organization for the personalized online shopping experience. It allows the consumers to find the desired products easily, register for gifts, redeem coupons, pre-order products and benefit from other useful functionalities provided by Oracle Commerce solutions. In the fiercely competitive world today, Omni-channel experience is very important for the business. Inadequate technology will affect its sales point drastically. Hence, Oracle ATG is used by major fashion brands.

Main Features of Oracle ATG commerce solutions

  1. Personalization- The Oracle ATG commerce solutions allows the business to personalize marketing campaigns, online content, promotions and deals, and emails.

  1. Advanced Faceted Search- The Oracle ATG commerce solutions allow the use of ATG faceted search which makes it easy for the users to find the desired products.

  1. Payment Framework- The Oracle ATG web commerce solutions allow the payments through all major credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets.

  1. Automatic Price Calculators- Unclear pricing is one of the biggest debacles in online shopping and leads to increased shopping cart abandonment. Oracle ATG Web Commerce solutions provide automated tools to calculate the orders price inclusive of the delivery options, coupons redemption, gift cards, and taxes.

The pros of Oracle Commerce cloud

  1. Oracle commerce cloud offers a flexible and unified architecture which enables merchants to scale their eCommerce platform efficiently.

  1. Oracle commerce cloud platform comes with a solid set of features like big data handling capacity, advanced segmentation, multi-site functionality which makes it easier for large retailers to provide a personalized, and compelling data-driven shopping experience to their customers.

American apparels manufacturers and retailers of branded fashion apparels have chosen the Oracle ATG Web Commerce solutions extensively to deliver a personalized omnichannel experience to the users across all touch points and channels. It includes contact centers, mobile device applications, social media channels, and web. The American apparel players in the industry have chosen Oracle ATG commerce solutions as it is the reliable, scalable and flexible platform to personalize cross-sell merchandise, customize offers and promotions and extend its commerce environment to meet the needs and goals of its business.

A major drawback of Oracle Platform is that it is one of the most expensive eCommerce platforms with a high license fee and implantation cost. However, it has been successfully integrated by large retailing brands like Toms, Lacoste, Littlewoods. John Lewis, CVS, Games Workshop and Autozone in the American Apparel industry.