Top 8 SAP Hybris omni-channel Industry Accelerators to Go Live Fast

The SAP Hybris omni-channel Accelerator provides the organization, a ready to use, and omni-channel omni-channel solution with business tools and storefront templates which gives omni-channel industry organizations, the opportunity to create an effective and pleasant customer experience and opportunity to go live within 50 days.

When a omni-channel industry starts up a new project, the SAB Hybris accelerator plays a pivotal role in the reduction of costs for ownership and speedy implementation of the new project.

The SAP Hybris omni-channel accelerator is readily available for B2C, B2B, Financial services and other financial organizations, the SAB Hybris provides the following benefits:

  • The SAB Hybris accelerator gives organizations an Omni-channel solution for every new project.
  • The SAB Hybris accelerator reduces the implementation cost and speeds up the process of the implementation of the new project
  • Every tool available in the SAB Hybris provides a rich shopping experience for the omni-channel industrial organizations.

The SAP Hybris implementation partners provide ready-made templates and business processes which are tailored to the unique needs of the eomni-channel industry. The SAP Hybris Accelerators is pivotal for businesses to lower their total implementation cost and reduces the time to implement the marketing strategy.

These are the top 8 SAP Hybris Implementation Partners which helps the omni-channel industries to go live fast.

  1. SAP Hybris omni-channel Retail B2C Accelerator

    The SAP Hybris omni-channel Retail B2C accelerator provides a mobile-ready omni-channel omni-channel solution with fully functional business tools, touch point integration, storefront templates, PCM, search and navigation with the guest users access, PCM, and order management. This includes different B2C templates for multiple kinds of retail business.

  2. SAP Hybris omni-channel Retail B2B Accelerator

    This SAP Hybris implementation partner is an omni-channel B2B accelerator which is tailored to every organization’s need. It provides features such as product configuration, order, and B2B account management, punch-out services, self-service tools, and B2B account management. It helps in speeding up the B2B retail execution processes and helps the business consumers to purchase the bulk products through the storefront in an easy way.

  3. SAP Hybris omni-channel Telco Accelerator

    This SAP Hybris omni-channel Telco Accelerators is designed specifically to help the telecom communication to boost the sales online maximizing the average revenue of the users and delivers an omni-channel experience to its users. The SAP Hybris omni-channel telecom accelerator includes features like touch point integration, PCM, Storefront templates, business tools, guided selling for telecoms, and building capabilities.

  4. SAP Hybris omni-channel Accelerator for Banks and Financial Institutions

    The accelerator includes pre-configured reference integrations and storefront templates for banks, insurance companies, property, travel, and other institutions. Through a guided policy generation wizard, customers can submit details and receive a quote instantly or get a policy issued on the spot, based on their form responses. Billing can set up insurance bundles consisting of plans, options, and payment methods in the product cockpit.

  5. SAP Hybris omni-channel Utilities Accelerator

    The SAP Hybris omni-channel Utilities Accelerator automates the complete order-to-cash processes for the non-energy and energy products. It has features such as a flexible and extensible products catalogue, and an automatic guided online sales processes with an SAP IS-U system.

  6. SAP Hybris omni-channel Travel Accelerator

    The SAP Hybris omni-channel Travel Accelerator is apt for meeting the modern travel business needs of the travel companies. Travel organizations can use the SAP Hybris Travel accelerator to boost up the delivery of an omni-channel experience for the omni-channel strategies. It is modelled upon the Open Travel Alliance industry standards. The SAP Hybris omni-channel Travel accelerator provides advanced features such as self-serving passengers tools from where the customers can manage bookings and check their flight or train status, responsible storefronts which feature a landing page, fare selection, customer login, payment booking management systems, trip finder, and flight stats. It also offers assisted service module and back office cockpit system.

  7. SAP Hybris omni-channel Accelerator for Citizen Engagement

    The SAP Hybris Citizen Engagement Accelerator is specially designed for single and unified UI which can be accessed through personal accounts. It has a ‘digital government’ responsive site which caters to the needs of the citizens at all the levels of the government. It provides key features such as tax and information management system, commercial requests and the user’s services package where citizens can benefit by availing online governmental services like child care assistance, unemployment benefits, financial or medical assistance, and public ID application and filing public grievances.

  8. SAP Hybris omni-channel Accelerator for Chinese Retail Market

    The SAP Hybris Retail accelerator uses the best breed practices for the electronics industry. It is the exact replica of the SAP Hybris B2B and B2B retail omni-channel accelerators in the Traditional Chinese language. It provides features such as SEO-driven Web Content Management, Data import system, and marketplace.