Wireless Magnet

Project Name: Wireless Magnet

Technology: Magento 2

Project Size: Medium

Description of the project: WirelessMagnet, is a small Philadelphia based Ecommerce company and its business model is based on the DropShipping concept. In DropShipping there is an arrangement between the business and the manufacturer or distributor of the product. So when the business sells the product to its customer it’s the manufacturer or the distributor and not the business that ships the product to the customer.

Challenges: The client needed custom implementation with short deadlines and very short deployment period. We had to propose a simpler and fast solution with client’s requirement of keeping the cost of the project as low as possible, since WirelessMagnet was already setup using Shopify.

Solution provided: We recommended Magento 2 Community Edition since it is open source, while Shopify is proprietary so it you have to pay subscription fee for each month to use it, which helped in reducing the cost of project in a big way. Using Magento 2 many of the custom implementation as per the client’s requirements are easily available for free of cost or at very low cost compared to Shopify. For e.g. The third party extension used for importing dropship products to WirelessMagnet had a onetime cost with no limitation on number of products or orders whereas in case of Shopify you have a monthly subscription for the same type of extension with limitation on number of products the client can import and no. of orders he can process per month.

Results: A stable and reliable system, in which any custom requirement can be easily implemented using custom code or easily available several third party extension at very competitive rates.

Testimonial given by the Client: The client is satisfied with the guidance he received in making an educated decision regarding switching to Magento. He is impressed with the development team for doing an exceptional job with migration of the store to Magento platform and is looking forward to work with them more.

Wireless Magnet