Magento Built Stores Tried And Tested Ways To Improve Retention Rates

Magento makes it easier to create brand awareness, get repeat customers and so it is the choice of many web developers looking to premiere an eCommerce website. As there are thousands and millions of Magento websites online, it is really difficult to hold the interest of customers or built customer loyalty.

For any eCommerce store owner, it is necessary to choose the right eCommerce platform, built an appropriate strategy in order to increase customer loyalty. To succeed as an eCommerce store owner, you got to win over customer retention program which is the most crucial tool. Magento development services are high in demand for Magento is a flexible and open source eCommerce platform which gives a store owner the liberty to revise goodies such as rewards programs, product specifications, automate emails and revise custom coupons such that the customers keep coming back again and again.

There are certain ways you can improve the retention rate of your Magento built stores. The following are the tried and tested ways of improving customer retention through Magento development services:

Customer loyalty Programs can prove very beneficial: Yes! You can use the Customer Loyalty Program to draw the attention of potential customers and make them visit your website again and again. Customer Loyalty Programs offer several benefits and perks to the existing shoppers and thus they visit your store quite often. Popular eCommerce store retention programs function on the basis of the points whereby you give certain points to the shoppers when they shop from you. The points when accumulate can be redeemed by the shopper in future. These reward points are also referred to as the store credits. The online store account gets filled with points and then the customer redeems those points.

Offer both short-term and long-term benefits by way of loyalty perks: If you want the customers to take interest in you, offer them some kind of benefit. Stir up the interest of your customers by developing some tiered reward system whereby you reward the customers for being loyal to your brand. Offer them small rewards and incentives like price cut-off, personal discount, reward point and store credit for registering with your website. If any customer makes a purchase for the first time, you may offer 20% off on the first purchase. When they open an account with you, reward them with store credits. Slowly and gradually, when the customers start making frequent purchases, you may reward something big.

A reward of some non-material value: It is not necessary that a store owner benefits the customers by cutting the price or giving discounts and deals. Almost every store offers discounts and deals and you need to stand out different. To move ahead of the competition, reward something of non-material value. Make them the part of your Magento community so that they feel a sense of belongingness. Magento community is dynamic and ever growing. Resolve their queries, offer a freebie of real value, share their experience with your brand and similar.

Custom coupons: This is the simplest way to improve retention rate to your website. Come up with customized coupons for your print campaigns, emails and also social media. It is easy to incorporate or imbibe coupon codes to any of the designs you want.

Newsletter templates: It is easy to stay in touch with your existing customers by way of newsletter. Create multiple newsletter templates.

Work on your website: The speed of the website is definitely an important factor which determines the visibility, the accessibility and the usability of the internet stores. If the website loads slowly, it can have a negative impact on the store visitors. You may do several things to boost the speed of your website. Make sure you also add popular products on your homepage to draw their attention.

There are stores which offer free shipping on minimum cart value to improve retention rates. Similar to the above-mentioned ways to increase the retention rate, there can be several others.