How Technology Upgrades Helped Sap Hybris Become The Best Ecommerce Platform?

What’s common between Goodwill, AstraZeneca, Hershey’s, Honeywell and Shell? All of the companies are many others use SAP Hybris as their preferred eCommerce platform. These companies have realized the benefits of using the platform and have reaped returns all over the globe, due to their decision. Initially being popular in Europe, the eCommerce platform has strongly entrenched it’s roots, all over the globe.

Hybris technology provides businesses the luxury of using accelerators with the best technologies and business practices. SAP Hybris provides accelerators for B2C accelerator for multi-language and multichannel functionality along with engagement with customers, B2B accelerators for carrying out large scale deals, and long-term payments, Telco accelerator for subscription services, and HCCA accelerator.

Hybris SAP also consists of effective cockpits like PCM which allows users to organize product information, Web Content Management System, Customer service, and integration with payment.

The model is adaptable, flexible, and customizable which meets the demands of numerous businesses. This gives SAP Hybris an edge over other B2B platforms in terms of performance, and scalability. It also comprises of Backoffice Administration Cockpit which assists in managing a business productively.

Moreover, although Hybris is integrated, it consists of various modules that bring flexibility and convenience to the user. A huge credit for such effective and easy use goes to the SAP Hybris implementation partners which help businesses in assisting them with their business by providing help regarding implementation, support, and service of SAP solutions.

Benefits of using SAP Hybris

  • SAP Hybris has Omni Commerce Connect, which helps businesses in connecting with their customers and enables the user to have an interactive interaction by leveraging new channels like mobile, social media, email, direct mail, websites, programmatic advertising, and call centers.
  • The persistence layer of Hybris helps in maintaining high traffic and a large number of orders for its B2B clients including large processes of B2C companies as well.
  • It also helps businesses to subsist with big data streams. This feature is peculiarly relevant for large telecom companies.
  • Hybris dedicates a lot of its focus on generating provisional experiences by helping you interact with your customers through various channels and deliver consistent content and valuable offers to them.
  • SAP Hybris also provides an important benefit of allowing integration with legacy SAP products and the latest editions of SAP solutions. This allows data exchange between two platforms.
  • It also enables SAP Hybris marketing for analyzing customers, building profiles, and segmentation.

If you face any problems, SAP hybris has more than 37 SAP Hybris implementation partners which will help you and assist you regarding every problem you face.