How Magento 2.0 is Superior to Magento 1.0?

Magento 2 has been highly expected. Mainly due to the fact that the Magento 2 has been released 10 years after Magento 1, this change has been highly anticipated. The platform Magento 2 has many advantageous features and migrating to it the same has a lot of benefits. Get to know how different Magento 2 is different from its predecessor.

A few reasons why you need to migrate to Magento 2 are:

  • Support solutions are alluring
  • Speed, security, and performance are improved by the technology and innovation used.

1. Performance:

If the Magento website development had a shortcoming in Magento 1, it was the store performance, which has been enhanced in the new platform. Apache, Composer, Nginx 1.7 are few of the new technologies Magento 2 has brought in to change the stacks amazingly. A few of the significant differences are:

  • The new PHP versions are supported by this new platform. This means the security enhancements will positively impact the speed of the store.
  • The JavaScript is minimized which offloads the burden of the applications of the browser. So, all unnecessary browser operations are stopped.
  • Browser caching is improved, which again is vital for improved performance.
  • There are built-in tools which let the images to be compressed and leads to faster loading of the page.
  • The store owners no longer need to go for the third party modules installation. Varnish caching can be now used out of the box.

2. Pricing:

Everybody would look for pricing changes when a new platform is introduced, and the case of Magento 2 is no exception. Magento 1 starts at $18000 per year, and the successor costs $22000 per year.

3. SEO and security:

Magento has understood the need for improved security.

  • The search results are better in SERPs because the catalog pages are loaded with snippets
  • To ensure that the passwords cannot be hacked, the hashing algorithms are made stronger. So, no dictionary attacks or similar ones can threaten users.

4. Admin Panel and Dashboard:

Check how you can make running business easy with the new Magento website development. The navigation interface of the admin panel is made easy. Finding information on the site and managing the store is made hassle-free. The dashboard has everything to manage the business easily. If you need to get a peep of what is happening in the business currently, it can be done with ease now.

5. Ease of use:

New products can be uploaded with ease, and thanks to the creation tool. Linking videos to the products is also a child’s play. Removing or adding the grids is also made easy for the users in Magento 2. In Magento 1, the users had to contact the developers, every time. Now, the grid can be removed or added by simply selecting them.

With all these pros, it is quite apparent, anyone would love to give a try to Magento 2. What can put off the thought is that the migration process, which can lead to loss of data too at times. The data migration tool can be used for seamless migration from Magento 1 to 2.