Five sure-fire ways to make your Magento websites load with breathtaking speed


People who are into eCommerce business are facing a big challenge to increase the speed of the website. It is observed that the user attention time span is less and is getting lesser, day by day. This implies that actual customers or viewers are spending less time in exploring the entire website. And all this is because other websites load at high speed. People too expect the site to be opened in a second or two. Therefore, requirement of high speed is not only limited to the search engine alone but it is extended to the entire experience of website exploration too. In such a situation, Magento eCommerce developers come to rescue.

eCommerce retailers are advised to own Magento sites to ensure light striking speed. There are certain ways in intensifying the speed of website which are built with the help of Magento.

Five assured ways:

  1. The most important step is to choose a good, fast, yet reliable Host service provider. It is important that the Host provides suitable security standards with magnificent speed connection and good support. These three criteria are important to ensure the high speed of any website.

  2. Magento provides an uncommon compilation system which organizes the entire installation files of a website which is owned by Magento. The Magento eCommerce developers enable the mechanism from the Magento Admin dashboard for the said compilation just by clicking ‘run compilation process’. This is so simple that it can also be done by the website owners. You can also get this done by expert Magento developers at Techunido. We are also recognized as a top Magento Company on DesignRush.

  3. The eCommerce websites are ‘vitual e-stores’ where people browse through various products and choose to buy some of them after being satisfied. Therefore, images or photos of the products are an important aspect of any eCommerce website. These images consume more than half page-weight of the website. Therefore, it is important to optimize these images to admissible sizes. Magento provides plug-ins which are easy to use like PNG or JPG images plug-ins, which reduces the size of the image without deteriorating its quality.

  4. Many of us are aware that caching reduces the significant time of loading of any website. Magento strengthens the full page caching and provides module for internal caching. When the user visits a website for successive sessions, the website quickly directs to cache instead of making new and redundant queries to the server. Thus, the system gets enabled and the speed is increased which is a very important objective of a website owner.

  5. The eCommerce website has to store huge data of the products into various categories. This sometimes creates a hurdle with regards to the website speed. Magento provides ‘Flat catalog’ which stores all the information in an organized and merged way and in a tabulation form. This reduces the time for any database query and increases the loading speed of the website.


The speed of loading of any eCommerce website is an important aspect of any business. The fast and effective downloading of pages, retrieval of information and showcasing of images in a few seconds is important to entertain and retain the customers. It is also important to have a boosted search engine of the website. Considering all the ways described above, one can ensure the speedy loading of the website and enhanced performance of the system in a secured way after the website is developed by the Developers using Magento.