Do Not Miss Out On These New Cloud Commerce Magento Features

A reputed Magento Development Company will always evolve and create value for its customers and clients. Recently, Cloud feature has been included in the package on Magento to further enhance the application activities. Magento has a way of providing for all its needs without the interference of a 3rd party. Upon creation and wide acceptance, the feature has been further improved with additional specialties. This article, thus, explores these amazing features so as to guide you in considering Cloud adoption in your next Magento update.

  1. Improved Storage System – The First feature to consider is the improve storage systems with Ece tools. Updated versions of any system or software are usually better and improved and Magento is no exception. Every feature found on the New Cloud Commerce has been improved and made better. The former version of Cloud package is configured and new patches are created to help merchants provide for the ever-growing requests of their customers. This proves that Magento is out to satisfy the shopping needs of the customers despite being insatiable.
  2. Speedy Static Content Development – The SCD has also been improved. Production site which could not be changed in maintenance mode in the previous version can now be changed as desired to various modes. Contents such as CSS, JavaScript, and other large sized images and videos no longer pose problems to the application. It cannot only be changed at will but also at a great speed.
  3. Significantly enhanced memory space – There is also a great improvement with the available memory space. Initially, Amazon Web Services was integrated to enhance Cloud Commerce. However, upon establishing its own Cloud services, “C3” was employed as the service provider and more recently; AWs M4 has been integrated with one hundred percent space increase.
  4. Improvements in performance level and security – An increase in the performance level has also been provided for Pro users who can now effectively run their projects on the master node and the other 3 nodes. This increases the speed of performance. Security has never been a problem with Magento Cloud Commerce but it has been further improved in the new feature by Magento development companies. A Web Application Firewall has been integrated on the application to keep the website completely secured against unauthorized interference. However, this Firewall has to be sourced and implemented by merchants in order to get it to work for their website.
  5. Faster loading of pages and merchant friendly features – A file tagged magento.env.yami has also been made a part of the new Cloud Commerce on Magento in order to enhance easy configuration of the website with ease. Additionally, pages are loaded easily without a hassle and projects are configured easily. A reputed Magento development company will always keep in mind that these new Cloud features are aimed at improving the trade of merchants. Increased speed of pages, as well as a properly maintained PCI are some of the new cloud features, which merchants are in love with.

Thus, in creating a thrilling and unique shopping experience for customers, it is advisable for merchants to consider integrating the New Cloud Commerce features to enhance the general overview of their website and improve their website interface. It also helps to manage and grow their customer base with the amazing new features. The competitive nature of e-commerce has resulted in the evolvement of these features to enhance a unique trade system for merchants who are willing to stay ahead of the competition. Apart from competition, they build a stable e-business for merchants.