Choose The Oracle Atg Commerce Platform To Retire Rich

Creating an online presence for your business is very essential. Using various platforms is vital, and customer trends keep changing, and using new tools plays a significant role. A modern commerce platform is required to meet changing business conditions. There are multiple pros you can avail from using the Oracle commerce cloud. Oracle powers at least 50% of the market retailers, and is rich in out of the box features.

1. It is accessible

The Oracle ATG Commerce platform is a modernized platform and known for its ease of use. It is also extensible. The platform has many innovations, and it also has the agility everyone looks for. It also has consistency and transparency. Without these, you need to understand that the fluctuations in price can knock out your business. The pricing is based on the page views, and this means using this platform can make your performance go optimal.

2. Dexterity

The entire customer service can be managed with a single UI. When you take your brand across the world, you need to create multiple sites and take the brand and business to new markets. In such cases, rely on Oracle ATG commerce for it has been designed to let you carry out all the functions without having to start from scratch. The business owners can enjoy pixel level control.

3. Flexibility

When you need a flexible platform to explore more opportunities, then Oracle ATG has got to be your choice. Regardless of your brand value, you can offer a rich experience with your site. Making designs here is cost-effective. The great advantage is that you can also design the site to be mobile responsive. Customizing the site is easily possible. Also, you don’t have to compromise on the upgradability. The maintenance costs are lower, which means you will not be spending a fortune on maintaining your website.

4. AI

To improve the looks and functionality of the site, you can run the native AB tests in the Oracle commerce platforms. Oracle also has a decision science engine, which ensures the business owners can make use of the third party audience data. When you want to give away offers on your site, choose the Oracle ATG platform.

5. Support

In online business, you cannot let go of any mistake happen in one niche. It is the transactions. Choose the Oracle ATF commerce platform, as it lets you go for both B2B and B2C transactions in a single toolset. Isn’t it great? It offers you enough freedom to go about both transactions with one cost.

6. Customer service

Oracle ATG Platform offers complete digital experience. Also, it offers a 360-degree view of the customer’s activity. You as a business owner would love to see the additional sales opportunities opened up with this feature. Associates can chat, and offer personalized recommendations to the customers when you choose Oracle ATG.

This is a list of the few advantageous and efficacious features of Oracle OTG. You can find each of them is designed to meet the needs of the business owner who would look forward to seamless functioning, and find ways to grow higher.