Best eCommerce Platform for Business in 2019 | Small or Large

The E-Commerce industry is growing at an exponential rate. Statista figures show that the global eCommerce industry currently stands at 2,027,945 million USD with more than 3,000 million users. With the growing eCommerce industry, many E-Commerce platforms are facilitating the businesses to sell their products. Of these E-Commerce platforms, Magento holds the largest market share at 29.1%. It has been termed as the best eCommerce platform for small, mid-sized as well as large scale businesses by several reports. Is it the best? Let us compare it with two other eCommerce platforms to understand its advantages over others.

Magento and Oracle

  • Oracle ATG commerce web platform is designed to focus its functionality towards large scale businesses and brands that already have a strong presence and want to expand into the virtual world. One of the major advantages of Oracle is that it provides a template for creating the web store. The various products and solutions needed in the web store are also provided on the Oracle ATG platform as applications.
  • Magento, however, is an open-source platform, which means that the businesses are at liberty to develop their web store according to their requirements. Additionally, Magento also provides more than 8,300 extensions which can be used while developing the store. Because of the large user base of Magneto, the Magento eCommerce development is well known, and there are many professionals to help businesses develop their web stores.
  • It takes only a few months to create and run a web store on Magento as compared to Oracle which requires 1 to 2 years. While Oracle is popular only among the large scale businesses, Magento can be used by businesses of any size.

Magento and Hybris

  • One of the most attractive features of SAP Hybris eCommerce platform is the Omni-channel fulfillment. It allows the implementation of various channels to promote the web store. These channels can also be managed within the Hybris platform, and it helps to draw a large audience because of the integrated approach to the buyer. Additionally, Hybris can be integrated with the SAP back end products very easily.
  • Other than the flexibility and extension in the Magento platform as mentioned above, it also provides various other features such as SEO Optimization of the URLs which helps to generate more traffic with organic searches. Magento is available in free and paid variants which allow small businesses and start-ups to use the platforms without having to invest a huge amount of money in it while Hybris costs nearly 54,000 USD in a year which can only be paid by large scale businesses.

In Conclusion,

All the eCommerce platforms have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. However, among them the benefits of using Magento for outweigh than that of the other eCommerce platforms. Moreover, Magento costs significantly less than the others which makes it more accessible for the small and mid-scale businesses. For all these reasons and many others, Magento remains the best E-Commerce platform for small as well as large scale businesses in 2019.