8 Reasons to Choose Hybris for eCommerce Project Development

Hybris is a technology which has proven to be the most effective in developing eCommerce projects. It has been adopted by outstanding market brands such as Nike, Lebara, Samsung, Adidas, Vodafone among others. Not only that, high-ranking companies from the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany were the first to adopt Hybris eCommerce development for their project development.

Gartner Inc. named Hybris as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce in 2016. The amazing technological benefits enjoyed by businesses are so enticing that companies now employ Hybris and migrate to it from other eCommerce platforms. These benefits are the reasons why Hybris has become a preferable option for business owners and 8 out of these benefits are explored here for you:

  • Effective cockpits: This technological platform is loaded with amazing cockpits to enhance efficiency. These cockpits include Web Content Management System (WCMS), customer service, product cockpit module for product info and descriptions, import cockpit for import schedules, payment integration, as well as back-office administration cockpit.

  • Multi-language, multi-vendor, and multi-channel opportunities: Gartner named SAP Hybris solution in 2017 Magic Quadrant Report for multi-channel campaign management. This establishes Hybris eCommerce development as a platform where business owners can effectively connect with their customers maximizing new channels and touch points for a smooth transaction. The multi-channel opportunities could be websites, mobile, programmatic advertising, social media platforms, emails, and call centers. This simply infers that Hybris provides multiple options for a smooth customer-retailer relationship which boosts profitability.

  • Flexibility and convenience: Hybris is an integrated but modular eCommerce platform consisting of modules with the limited dependency between the modules. This feature contributes to the flexibility and convenient usage by users.

  • Adaptability: For an effective project development, Hybris is easily adaptable and can be customized to suit the needs of the intended project. The back-office administration cockpit ensures the availability of business ideas and logic which are easily customized to meet the demands of a business.

  • Inbuilt accelerators: E-businesses that employ Hybris technology are able to activate accelerators for B2C (multi-language and multi-channel options), B2B (deals and long-term payments), Telco, and Hybris Commerce China accelerator.

  • Interaction with customers across channels: Hybris enables e-business owners to deliver valuable contents and products to customers using multiple channels. This brings the seller closer to the buyer thereby creating a customer friendly business atmosphere.

  • Ability to cope with large streams of data: This is specific with telecommunication companies who need to manage traffic from business websites. Hybris enables e-businesses to handle customers’ demands and provide timely tangible solutions.

  • Integration with legacy SAP products and recent editions of SAP solutions: The integration of both parties-Hybris and SAP- is essential for customer analysis, data aggregation, market recommendations, segmentation, designing profiles, among others.

It can be established from the foregoing that Hybris is no doubt the preferable option for eCommerce project development. The benefits are so amazing that both business owners and customers get to enjoy a conducive business environment.